Ontario Serial Entrepreneur & International Best-Selling Author

Randy Stanbury

Who Is Randy Stanbury?

Meet Canadian Serial Entrepreneur, Leadership and Delegation Master, and #1 International Best-Selling Author on Amazon.

I founded Service Freight Systems in 1995 when I was only 23 from my bedroom of my parent’s house. I sold my car and rode a bike every day. I prepared for over a year, attended night school, made sacrifices, teamed up with amazing people (who just so happened to be my dad and eventually my older brother), and was confident that success was more than possible- it was imminent.

I was dedicated to improvement and that dedication paid off.  Over the years I grew the business until it generated multiple-millions-of-dollars in annual revenue and eventually sold it for a whole lot of money.

When I was deciding on a name for my company all those years ago, I knew that it was all about service. The theme of service is one that has guided much of my life in one form or another.

Now my desire is to take that service to the next level by helping others in their business and personal lives.

As the Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of 4 Level Coach, I help entrepreneurs in the trades win so they can grow their business, scale it, and reap the rewards of freedom.

But I’m just as excited about my role as a father, friend, and trusted ally to many, as I am about any of my business accomplishments.

My goal and mission in life is to pass on to others the same proven methods, tools, and strategies that I had to learn the hard way.

7 things to look for in a

Business Coach


Your coach needs to have owned and/or sold a successful business, I'm sorry but you cant learn this stuff in school.


You have to resonate with your coach on deeper level, your values, morals and work ethic need to align.

Personal Development

Your coach should be always seeking new and better ways to develop themselves as an individual and as a leader.


Look for a coach who maintains a culture of care with his own employees and business.


Your coach should be able to give you lots of case studies, testimonials and reviews of happy clients he has helped.


Your coach should genuinely care about you and your business’s growth.

100% Guarantee

If your coach is confident in their abilities they should have no problem guaranteeing your success.

Business Coaching for Contractors

4 Level Coach is a one-of-a-kind business coaching service for contractor and home building entrepreneurs throughout Ontario. 

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North America’s most successful entrepreneurs walk you through the ups and downs of creating and operating a business in some of the fastest growing industries.

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